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Dallas Mavericks weakened by Denver Nuggets' physical play in Game 1 posted on 05/04/2009
The Mavs have just finished the series with the San Antonio Spurs who plays with speed and finess. Now, they face a Nuggets team that plays a different brand of basketball: a physical, pound the paint, and defensive style of playing that the Mavs could not adjust to in Game 1.

The Nuggets went for every block and every steal while clogging up the lane and batting away any one who dares come near the basket. The Mavs were frustrated by the non-calls and could not play their slow, half court game. The Mavs became careless with the ball and just gave away the ball in the second half. That, and the Mavs bench didn't show up.

What will the Mavs need to do to have a chance at winning this series? Take care of the ball, and play some defense in the paint. Nene scored 24 points in game 1 when he averaged only around 10 in the Nuggets-Hornets series.

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The Mavericks Control Their Own Fate posted on 04/13/2009
The Mavs could have been able to get up to the 6th seed if they defeated New Orleans on Sunday. But, as we know, they didn't. Now, it's almost impossible to end the season in 6th place. The Hornets would have to lose both of their remaining games and the Mavs has to win theirs. And, that's just not going to happen.

But, the Mavs does have a chance of falling back into the 8th spot since Utah owns the tiebreaker between the two teams. So, if the Jazz and Mavs end the season with the same record, the Mavs will be seeded 8th, and play the Los Angeles Lakers. And, I don't think any team wants to play the Lakers right now.

So, the Mavs control their destiny. If they can win more games than the Jazz, then they will remain at 7th, and avoid going against the Lakers i

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Mavericks Embarassed by Spurs posted on 02/25/2009
Last night's game was just embarassing. The San Antonio Spurs played without Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili and still beat the Mavs 93-76. The Mavs only made 34% of their shots. Jason Kidd had 2 points and 4 assists. Tony Parker had 37, and dished out 12 assists. Any question that Kidd isn't an elite point guard any more? Can't help on offense, and laying out the welcome mat on defense. Let's just bench Kidd and let J.J. Barea start so he can begin to develope into the PG of the future. Kidd is clearly the PG of the past.

Let's also get some help in the paint. Dampier scored 2 pts and grabed 1 board. Did I mention that Tim Duncan didn't play? Spurs' center Matt Bonner scored 11 and power forward Kurt Thomas scored 10 with 15! rebounds. Where's the Mavs' center!? We need a center that's also somewhat of a scoring threat, and plays some D.

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Dallas Mavericks Inconsistent Through January posted on 02/02/2009

The Mavs finished the month of January 8-7 for the month. There were some surprising wins and losses that are equally surprising.

On 1/4, they lost by 20 points to the Memphis Grizzlies who are at the bottom of the Southwest. On 1/11, they lost to the Sacramento Kings who have been struggling the entire season. Then on 1/21, they lost to the Milwaulkee Bucks in a blowout by 34 points. Other blowout losses this month also include the 28 point loss to the Phoenix Suns on 1/9 and the 24 point loss to the Boston Celtics on 1/25.

But they also had some good wins: 1/17 win over the Utah Jazz and the 1/23 win over the Detroit Pistons. The 1/31 win over the Miami Heat to close out the month wasn't bad either.

What's plagued the Mavs is how inconsistent they have been. They could have a great game one night, and the next night totally stink it up against a worse team. It's obvious that the team is good enough to win most of their games if they would show up like they did against the Jazz and Pistons. But it's outings like the ones against the Kings and Bucks that make you scratch your head.

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Dallas Mavericks Trade Diop after 3-game losing streak posted on 01/16/2009

Dallas has lost it's last 3 games, to the Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings, and Denver Nuggets. Today, they made a trade with the Charlotte Bobcats, giving away DeSagana Diop for guard Matt Carroll and center Ryan Hollins.

I'm not sure if the trade really helps either team. Dallas traded away its best defensive player who doesn't get enough court time to be effective and got some 3pt shooting and a center who doesn't play that much.

Maybe Dallas is going for the run and gun again and won't be playing any defense. We'll see how it works out...

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