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Mavericks Avenge Old Foes posted on 01/05/2008

    Hey Mavs fans, I had the pleasure of enjoying two games this week in which the two least popular teams in the NBA got beat by the Mavericks. And by "two least popular teams", I mean least popular with me. (Golden State Warriors, least popular, and Miami Heat, second least popular) Dallas was strong and looked good against Golden State leading most of that game at home on Wednesday. I hate to say it was a blow out because really Golden State can score so quickly, that itisn 't a blow out until the game is over. That being said, I'm glad Dallas blew Golden State out making a statement at home. The Mavericks have certainly turned the tables on the Warriors this season going 2-0 this season against them, after of course losing every regular season game against them last year.

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Mavericks On A Rollercoaster posted on 12/29/2007

    Hello Mavericks fans, it’s been an emotional week. The Mavs were on a 5 game win streak heading into Utah on Wednesday, and I’m not going to pretend I expected the Mavericks to win this game. Utah has played exceptional all season especially, in Salt Lake. However, that being said, the Mavericks fell apart on offense. They shot 33% FOR THE GAME! That is terrible, worse than terrible.
      Anyway, after that embarrassing display the Mavs got on a plane headed to Dallas to face the Cleveland Cavaliers at home on Thursday. I always cringe when they come out in the alternate green jerseys. Has anyone else noticed that the Mavericks always lose in the green jerseys? Well they do. I think it’s because Sean “Puff Daddy” “Diddy” “Puffy” Combs designed them. He’s a New York Knicks fan.

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Dallas On A Roll posted on 12/23/2007

    Hey Mavericks nation, I am pleased to report that my predictions have all been accurate thus far with the Dallas Mavericks going 3 for 3 against Orlando, Phoenix, and the LA Clippers. That little prediction was free, that being said, I am retiring from predicting Mavericks wins. I am no Nostradamus and I’d rather this be for fans of the Mavericks than a gambling blog. 
The Mavericks have the 2nd best record in the West, only one game behind the San Antonio Spurs. So much has been working well for the Mavs over the last few games. I wanted to look at what the Mavericks have changed from last year. I think that most of the Mavericks’ mistakes went overlooked and unfixed last year because they were always winning. It is tough to criticize the team in the midst of a winning streak, but when you are winning little mistakes are ignored and are allowed to slide because you are winning. The mistakes I am referring to in regards to last year’s team is the inside game. The main difference I have seen this year in the Mavs, is that their first offensive attack is to the inside with Harris, Howard, Dirk, or Dampier. If the easy inside shot isn’t there then they kick it out for the perimeter game of Jason Terry, Dirk, or Devean George. Last year they relied heavily on the outside shooting and the transition game as a first option on offense, which if you are hot, is lethal. However, the downside of relying on the outside shot is that you aren’t going to be hot all the time and when a team defends the perimeter really well you have to do something else. If you haven’t focused on anything else all year, you are a fish out of water trying to do something like going inside in a half court set. I believe that’s what happened in the Finals two years ago against the Heat, coupled with a defensive meltdown.

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Dallas Mavericks Are Getting It Done posted on 12/16/2007
   Just as I predicted Mavericks faithful, Avery Johnson has gotten his team looking like the explosion of athleticism that is the Dallas Mavericks.  The Mavs took down the impressive New Orleans Hornets on Thursday and the Houston Rockets last night to put them back in second place in the Southwest division only 3 games back of the Spurs. 
     Jason Terry came alive in Dallas for 25 points on 11-16 shooting including a monster three pointer at a critical point toward the end of the third quarter to give Dallas a lead they would hold against the Hornets. The good news is Josh Howard has continued to show up every game to play like a superstar and the mavs are playing good overall defense. The bad news, Dirk Nowitzki. Seven points for the leader of the team and unguardable seven footer? Dirk I know you are reading this and I’m a huge fan, but get it together buddy take more shots and at least attempt a three pointer! Dirk went 2-8 shooting against New Orleans and turned the ball over three times. He was a complete non-factor in the game.

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What's Going on with the Mavs? posted on 12/13/2007

     The Mavs have lost 5 of their last 5 and 9 games total this season. Mercifully, the New Orleans Hornets lost tonight as well, and the Mavericks didn’t lose any ground in the division. Friday, the Mavericks will square off against the Hornets, and as of now, the Mavericks are a half game back of them in the Southwest division and 4 games back of San Antonio, who looks like the real deal defending world champs. 

     So what’s wrong with the Mavs and are we as Mavs fans worried yet? You bet we are, Dirk doesn’t look great and Devon Harris is shooting only 30 percent in the last five games. The only really bright star in Dallas is Josh Howard, who is playing out of his mind lately averaging 7 rebounds and 26 points over the last five games and leading the team in scoring.

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